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Roses wholesale

Roses are the most popular type of flower. That is why they are sold in large quantities in all retail stores. If you own one of the retail outlets, we will offer you roses in bulk at the best price. The Camellia chain of stores grows roses in large quantities. We are ready to offer buyers the best purchasing conditions. If you want to find roses wholesale in Kyiv, then definitely contact us for professional help. We guarantee quality and fast delivery.

Roses wholesale - growing technology for wholesale

We offer to buy roses in bulk, which were grown using special technology. Our production base includes 11 hectares of territory on which large greenhouses are located. It is the large greenhouses that allow us to offer customers the opportunity to buy roses in Kyiv wholesale in any quantity.

Offering roses wholesale in Kyiv, we grow flowers in equipped greenhouses, where optimal conditions are constantly maintained. The large area of greenhouses makes it possible to sell roses in bulk, providing them to the customer in freshly cut form.

The technology for growing roses and storing them includes:

  • Climate control. Allows you to maintain the ideal temperature in greenhouses all year round, which is necessary for the normal growth and health of flowers.
  • Drip irrigation. Using computer programs, water is accurately dosed to each rose bush. Irrigation is carried out in such a way that the leaves and buds are free of defects and have an attractive appearance.
  • Artificial lighting. Due to the installation of modern lighting fixtures in greenhouses, bright and rich lighting is maintained throughout the day, which allows roses to extend daylight hours.

Reasons to buy from us - low price for wholesale roses

It is profitable to buy roses wholesale from us, since we are one of the largest suppliers of flower products on the Ukrainian market. This provides us with the opportunity to offer to buy roses wholesale in Kyiv in large quantities. Thanks to large sales, we can reduce the cost of flowers and thereby provide retail store owners with the best conditions for purchasing flowers from us.

In addition to favorable prices for roses wholesale, we also offer:

  • high quality flower products;
  • all roses are grown in optimal conditions, and therefore any defects on their leaves and buds are excluded;
  • we offer the best wholesale prices for roses;
  • we provide fast delivery;
  • are able to provide the required number of flowers in the shortest possible time;
  • flowers are grown using special technology without the use of harmful components.

By offering roses at wholesale prices, we guarantee their environmental friendliness. Our own production gives us the opportunity to grow flowers without the use of chemicals. For planting, we select rose varieties that can grow in a greenhouse without harmful additives. This gives us the opportunity to put the “Greenmark” mark on our products. It indicates that ordering roses in bulk from us gives you the opportunity to get environmentally friendly products.

We offer roses wholesale in Ukraine for everyone. Every resident of our country can contact us for a purchase and provide high-quality products for sale at a competitive price for their retail outlet.

What kind of roses can you order from us wholesale in Kyiv?

To meet customer demand, we not only offer affordable prices for wholesale roses. We also offer customers to choose from a wide range of products. Here you can order wholesale roses for the following varieties:

  • Avalanche;
  • Ariana;
  • The Grand Prix;
  • Jumilia;
  • El Toro;
  • Penny Lane;
  • Sophia Loren;
  • Grace spray;
  • Taleya;
  • Misty Bubbles spray;
  • Grace spray;
  • many other.

All these fresh roses from the manufacturer have an impeccable appearance. Thanks to stable conditions for growing flowers, all plants turn out exactly the same. Therefore, roses from the manufacturer have the following advantages:

  • impeccable appearance;
  • no defects;
  • color saturation;
  • sophisticated aroma.

As a responsible manufacturer, we guarantee that all flowers purchased from us are in optimal condition. They are properly and carefully cut to ensure they are sold in perfect condition.

Our production allows us to grow varieties that have maximum resistance to external factors. Therefore, they can easily be transported and will delight customers with their attractive appearance for a long time after purchase.

Each variety of roses has its own exceptional differences. Therefore, when carrying out wholesale sales of roses, we invite customers to first familiarize themselves with our assortment and make a choice based on a detailed analysis of each variety.

For example, the Avalanche rose is a tea-hyrid variety, which is distinguished by a beautiful green-emerald color on its petals. Rose Grand Prix is one of the best varieties in Ukraine. In terms of quality and attractiveness, it is not inferior to imported analogues. She strongly attracts with the deep burgundy shade of her petals. The El Toro rose variety has an original shape. It has curled petals around the edges, which can be compared to the traditional skirts worn by Spanish dancers.

Thus, if we consider each individual rose variety, then we can find unique features in it that distinguish it from all the others. When choosing, be sure to pay attention to all the subtleties so that you can choose the best option to satisfy the taste preferences of customers at your retail outlet.

As a rose manufacturer, we guarantee for customers:

  • affordable price;
  • a wide range of;
  • high quality;
  • fast delivery.

We provide delivery throughout Ukraine and Kyiv. If you want to order flowers inexpensively in the required quantity, then you can count on our help. For your retail store, you can select completely different varieties from us and thus make the widest possible offer for customers. For our part, we will help ensure that after ordering the required batch of roses reaches you as soon as possible.



How many roses can you order wholesale?

The wholesale quantity of roses is not limited by quantity. Our production capabilities allow us to satisfy any customer demand. We are ready to supply roses in the required quantities even for the largest customer.

Do you provide flower delivery?

For wholesale buyers, we offer fast delivery in Kyiv and Ukraine. Thanks to well-established logistics, you can order any number of roses and they will be delivered to you as soon as possible.

What varieties of roses do you have?

In total, we have about 28 varieties of roses. The assortment may change over time. On sale you can find varieties of roses such as Avalanche, Ariana, Grand Prix, Jumilia, El Toro, Peni Lane, Sophia Loren, Grazia spray, Taleya, Misty Bubbles spray, Grazia spray and many others.

What determines the wholesale price of roses?

The cost of the wholesale price primarily depends on the variety of roses and the height of the stem. The price of roses will be more affordable if we are talking about a large batch or if a regular customer comes to us for purchase.

Do you provide retail sale of roses?

In addition to wholesale purchases, you can also order roses at retail. You can find out prices from our retail price list or by calling our manager.