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Wedding arches with best flowers

Traditions of wedding are changing, and nowadays outdoor ceremonies and ceremonies in restaurants are impossible without such an important attribute as wedding arch.

In Ukraine this tendency is new, but in many countries it’s a venerable tradition, which has an especially notion. Floral wedding arch is a symbol of a transition to a new stage of life. Flowers have a notion of Eden. Light and gossamer tissues, delicate festoons and other decorations may also beautify your ceremony place and arch.

Nowadays wedding arch may also play a role of a photozone and of a place, where a newly married couple can receive congratulations.

How to choose your ideal wedding arch?

Your choice is depend on a style of all the celebration.

If you decided to celebrate in Kyiv, it will be better for you to choose a laconic wedding arch in city style. Camellia’s florists have created a beautiful arch Rose Fantasy. Delicate fresh flowers look like a wreath above you. They will be perfect for all the atmosphere of the ceremony.

For couples, who appreciate ancient folk traditions, our florists have created a wedding arch Ukrainian style. Traditional flowers are decorated with orange, blue, yellow and red ribands. It looks like a cheerful Ukrainian wreath. This composition is very contrast to light wedding dress, and you will make bright colorful photos.

Also we can suggest you an arch Ukrainian motives. It has an alcove construction, which looks modern and cute. Light tissue amplifies the composition and makes the ceremony more magic and beautiful.

If you need an arch for wedding ceremony inside a restaurant in Kyiv, you can choose different styles.

Arch Rustik is created with light roses and eustomas and looks very fresh and modern. White tenderness is made in a heart form and looks great. If you like this form, we can suggest you also Baroque arch, which has an unusual and gorgeous style.

Our florists are ready to accept all yours wishes and to create for you arch with flowers and decorative elements, which you wish. The most important for us to make your wedding ideal.