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The tastes of the buyers - are different, and the requirement for all one thing: the flowers must be fresh!

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Creation of "Camellia" company. At the beginning our team imported cut flowers and indoor plants from Holland. The company has become one of the leading in the national corporations of the flowers.
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After a while the company implemented advanced Dutch technologies and began to develop own flower production in Ukraine.
At present Camellia has an asset of 11 hectares of irrigated, lighted greenhouses and specially branded network of "Camellia" shops in Kiev.
In the 28 years of its activity

«Camellia» has successfully mastered all the basic direction of the flower business: production, wholesale and retail sales, floristry, phyto-and landscape design.

On sale there is always more than 3000 names of flowers, plants, floral decoration and garden products.


About greenhouses production and technologies

Corporation «Camellia» has become one of the leaders of Ukraine, because it offers a maximum diversity of species and varieties of flowers grown in the Kiev region.

More than 11 hectares of flower plantations

Created in 1994, "Camellia" now has one of the largest in the country, and significant in Europe, flower farms with an area of more than 11 hectares. Taking into account the world's best practices (primarily Dutch), 39 varieties of roses, tulips, as well as pelargoniums, cyclamens, begonias and much more are grown in innovative high-tech greenhouses. Flowers from production reach retail chains within a few hours.

The complex of systems of compliance with international standards is implemented in all 11 hectares of flower plantation.
climate control systems (including autonomous heating systems for maintaining ideal temperature all year round)
drip watering systems (work through software)
artificial daylight systems (elongate daylight hours for plants)

In addition to cut flowers we have and the production of potted plants under the brand name «Flower meadow».

Those exotic flowers and plants that do not grow in our climate, «Camellia» is purchased from leading manufacturers from Holland, Ecuador, Colombia, Spain, Israel, Turkey and Kenya. Potted plants are grown in their own flower farm and imported from Denmark, Italy, the Netherlands and the UK.