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Roses Jumilia


Roses Jumilia

Roses Jumilia

Height from 50 cm

Diameter from 5 cm

Jumilia - one of the largest varieties of roses.
This rose has an incredible shape and color: the white, wavy flower petals are painted with bright pink edging. Delicate and romantic bud has the shape of a cone.

For many women, the rose is the most beautiful flower. That is why men first of all pay attention to bouquets of these plants. There are a large number of varieties in stores that differ in color, bud shape, aroma and other characteristics. The Camellia chain of stores offers a wide range of roses, from which the buyer can choose cut Jumilia roses. We have a large production facility for their cultivation, and therefore owners of retail outlets can place an order for any quantity and at a favorable price.

All roses are grown in well-equipped greenhouses, where optimal conditions are maintained. We offer to order Jumilia roses wholesale on the best terms. We provide delivery not only in Kyiv, but throughout Ukraine.

Features of growing Jumilia roses in greenhouses

Thanks to advanced equipment, our company is able to grow roses that have an exceptionally attractive and beautiful appearance. In large greenhouses, all systems operate automatically, which allows you to constantly maintain normal:

  • temperature;

  • humidity;

  • ventilation.

The bushes are planted at the correct distance from each other and fertilized using metering systems.

Lighting in greenhouses using modern lamps maintains the right amount of light for active plant growth. Thanks to the created conditions, we are able to offer Jumilia roses wholesale in large quantities.

Jumilia roses from the manufacturer - features of the variety

The Jumilia rose variety has an attractive pink hue and a slender bud. The base of the petal itself is white, and the edge is broadly colored with a rich pink hue. This variety belongs to hybrid tea roses with wavy edges.

Jumilia roses from the manufacturer are grown with a diameter of about 5 cm. They make self-sufficient compositions that can be given as a gift on the most important occasion.

Other features of the flower:

  • terry bud structure;

  • the petals curl slightly outward;

  • persistent shoots and practically without thorns;

  • withstands low temperatures well.

In our price list you will find wholesale prices for Jumilia roses, which can be used to create mono-bouquets or mixes.

Rose Jumilia wholesale - how to place an order

Wholesale customers can buy Jumilia roses from us in any quantity. We offer to order flowers at a competitive price and with fast delivery. For those who are interested in wholesale, we guarantee the best purchasing conditions.

Our own production allows us to reduce the cost of flowers, creating an advantageous offer for buyers on the market. From us you can purchase cut roses for retail sale on the same day.

The Camellia chain of stores has been engaged in wholesale sales for many years. To order, call us by phone.