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Floristry is a special branch of the flower business. This is not selling simple bouquets that are the same type. Florists are faced with the task of offering the buyer an original composition that will have an attractive appearance and include many different elements that are succinctly combined with each other.

If you want to order a bouquet that will win your lady's heart, then you can look into the flower shop st. Levka Lukyanenka, 18 (Tymoshenka). A large selection of bouquets and flowers will be at your service. We employ experienced florists with creative thinking. They will offer you interesting bouquet options that you will no longer find in other stores. At the same time, you will be satisfied not only with the external design, but with their price, as well as the service of our employees.

If you decide to order flowers wholesale or retail through the Camellia chain of stores, then you can count on being completely satisfied with our services.

We have established:

  • close contacts with flower importers to Ukraine;

  • own production;

  • prompt acceptance of orders with delivery.

We sell Minsk flowers on weekdays and weekends. If you urgently need to order a bouquet, then you can be sure that we will be open and offer you the best option for purchasing.

Flower shop st. Levka Lukyanenka, 18 (Tymoshenka) offers a wide range

We offer completely different flowers for sale. These can be different varieties of roses, which differ in the shade and shape of the bud, as well as the length of the stem. You can see imported flowers on sale:

  • artichoke;

  • anemones;

  • allium;

  • brunia;

  • astilbe;

  • iris;

  • hyacinth;

  • viburnum;

  • other.

Flower shop st. Levka Lukyanenka, 18 (Tymoshenka) offers bouquets from various collections. Depending on the season, we offer interesting collections of bouquets. Autumn compositions have a special color. Autumn is characterized by flowers with bright and fiery shades. Therefore, bouquets of them turn out to be very beautiful and contrasting.

Flower shop Minsk - we guarantee the quality and freshness of products

You can contact us to purchase any number of flowers. For buyers, we offer affordable prices for all types of services. In addition to flowers, you can order the services of a landscape designer from us. Our specialists are also ready to decorate your interior with the help of indoor plants, offering to decorate the room using modern trends in phytodesign.

If you want to use professional florist services, then go to the Minsk flower shop, where a large selection of flowers awaits you. We provide fast delivery in Kyiv. To order, come or call us at a convenient time.



How much does a bouquet of flowers cost to order?

The final cost of a custom-made bouquet is determined by your wishes. First of all, the number of flowers and their type are taken into account, as well as the use of additional consumables in the form of greenery, decor and wrapping paper.

What elements do florists use to make bouquets?

At the request of the customer, the florist includes in the bouquet the selected variety of flowers or several plants that are combined with each other. Next, decorative elements are selected in the form of cotton, branches of various plants, beads, rhinestones and other decor. Decorative greenery can also be used in the background of flowers.

How quickly do you prepare bouquets to order?

If the bouquet is not particularly complex and does not require much time to compose, then the florist will prepare it right in front of you. For a wedding bouquet and large bouquets, it is advisable to contact us a few hours or one day in advance.

What to look for when choosing bouquets on display?

When choosing bouquets of flowers on display, be sure to consult our florist. He will tell you for what occasion it is better to choose this or that bouquet, and will also help you choose a flower arrangement that suits your budget.