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Floral shop «Camellia» Antonovycha

Retail store of cut flowers and pot plants

Antonovycha str, 155


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Mon - Fri 8.00 - 20.00
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Special offers of the shop

When buying flowers from the manufacturer, you are guaranteed to purchase quality products at the best price. The Camellia retail chain sells its products without intermediaries. Our florist shops sell a large number of roses that we grow in our own production. On an area of 11 hectares, we grow about 30 varieties of roses, some of which were bred by our specialists.

You will find one of our stores in the Lybidska area. Flower shop st. Antonovicha, 155 offers customers a wide range of flowers at an affordable price. Our assortment is so diverse that customers can choose a flower arrangement for:

  • weddings;
  • anniversary;
  • graduation;
  • extracts from the maternity hospital;
  • congratulations to the athletes.

Every man can choose a bouquet from us for his beloved woman or mother.

We sell Lybidskaya flowers seven days a week. Our store only supplies freshly cut flowers. This is due to the fact that we have established delivery of flowers from our production to stores. Thus, the buyer has a good opportunity to purchase high-quality products in Kyiv, which will delight with their beautiful appearance for a long time.

At the store window, everyone can order a large number of varieties of roses, which differ from each other:

  • bud shape;
  • shades;
  • stem length;
  • aroma.

If you are interested in purchasing an original bouquet, then our florists will make every effort to satisfy your request. They are able to create attractive bouquets of flowers such as:

  • tulips;
  • primrose;
  • peonies;
  • lilies;
  • asters;
  • hydrangeas;
  • carnations;
  • roses;
  • azaleas;
  • tulips;
  • carnations;
  • irises;
  • other.

If you find it difficult to make a choice from the entire assortment, then our specialist will help you make the right purchase, based on what your budget is and for what reason you are choosing a flower arrangement.

Flower shop st. Antonovicha, 155 – order flowers online

You can purchase a bouquet from us in the store or buy products with delivery by ordering them online. In this case:

  • you don’t waste time going to the store;
  • order flowers to your home at a time convenient for you;
  • you make payment after the flowers are delivered by courier.

You can also order the service of delivering a flower arrangement by courier directly to the addressee. Our specialist will arrive at exactly the specified time and politely hand over an original bouquet of flowers.

From our wide range of products, customers can choose:

  • dried flowers;
  • houseplants;
  • bouquets in a basket or hat box;
  • original compositions to order.

Buying from a flower shop st. Antonovicha, 155 products, be sure to express your desires and our florist will make them come true when creating a custom-made bouquet.

Flower shop Lybidska – buy flowers quickly and conveniently

From us you can order several flowers or purchase flowers in bulk. You are expected at the flower shop Lybidskaya during business hours. We work seven days a week and any time you come to us, the florist is ready to create an individual composition for you or offer a wide selection on display.



How does flower delivery work?

Everything is very simple. You call our store, say your wishes about what bouquet you want to purchase and leave the address and time when it is convenient for you for the courier to come to you. If you need a bouquet urgently, we are ready to send a courier with flowers, who will arrive to you within 1-2 hours.

How to store flowers after purchase?

Flowers retain their freshness for a long time if they are allowed to acclimatize at room temperature and then placed in a vase with settled water. The water must be changed every day and, if possible, fertilizing should be added to it. The lower leaves on the stem must be removed so that pathogenic microorganisms do not breed in the water.

How to order a wedding bouquet?

Preparations for a wedding are always carried out well in advance. Therefore, we recommend contacting us in time so that the florist can create a composition that will suit the bride’s dress and her overall look. Call us and we will definitely create a bouquet that will succinctly complement the style of the entire wedding event design.

How to order an exclusive bouquet?

All our bouquets are different from each other. They are created based on the author's idea. Therefore, just come to our store, express your wishes and the florist will create an original composition with you, which will not be template, but will be original.