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Winter discounts on roses of own production


on roses of own production in the chain of Camellia's stores:

Roses Avalanche and Peach Avalanch 70 cm by price 20 UAH
Rose spray Happy Yo-yo 60 cm by price 25 UAH.

Rose Avalanche has a white color with a slight greenish tint and large buds of the classical form. This variety is special, he heads all varieties of white roses.

Rose Peach Avalanche delicate peach color. The upper petals have a greenish tint, but when the bud is fully opened, the color becomes light peach.

Rose spray Happy Yo-yo - a novelty of Camellia's production. Delicate lilac roses will emphasize your sense of style, and the name will say for itself: the recipient of the bouquet wants fun and well-being.

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